Optimism for 2018

Happy New Year, everyone.

2018 is finally here, but instead of moping around at the worst scenarios that’s going to happen to me and Lazy Lily Fansubs, I’m going to be a bit more positive and optimistic. I already have plans for the following months, and while I haven’t shared these with the group at Lazy Lily Fansubs, I thought I’ll keep to myself until I already set them in motion.

My plans in 2018 include a more streamlined budgeting of available funds, avoid impulse buying of doujinshi, improve relations with other translation groups, and improving group reputation. For the last one, I’m thinking of doing more non-Aikatsu!-related doujinshi and pick up a new manga series after we’re done with Sakura Trick. The wider our reach, the more people will notice and more people will potentially support us, especially our unstable funding.

These are a few scenarios I want to happen in 2018, but I’m no weatherman–I cannot possibly predict the weather. All I can do is be prepared and anticipate any upcoming storm.

Come at me, 2018.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

Me and the future

Back when the internet was still young, I watch anime through VHS rentals, and random anime that pops up on TV and some shows on cable TV with no subtitles. And that reminds me of an anime that was well-animated and it was the first anime I saw boobs. There were two scenes from that anime I found memorable: One is the snobby rich bitch taking a dip naked in her big pool and thought of that redhead classmate she couldn’t beat in combat. The second is some guy in a futuristic vehicle doing a mecha transformation to fight the redhead. The resulting robot was powerful-looking, but the redhead was perplexed as to why the robot was just standing still. It turns out the pilot was stuck inside because the transformation made his cockpit hard to maneuver in. Redhead kicked the robot’s leg, it fell and exploded. Decades later I found out that anime I saw was Project A-Ko.


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The day when my motherboard died

A couple of weeks ago, my power was cut off after a tree fell and hit several houses. It took the power company at least 24 hours to restore power, but sadly my computer refused to turn on. I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong so I sent it to the repair guys. The problem was the motherboard got fried beyond repair.

It was troublesome to find a replacement because the motherboard I was using is already phased out, and I couldn’t afford to buy a modern processor and RAM replacements. Thankfully one of the stores still sell the LGA 1155 motherboards and my PC is running again. The new motherboard will probably last me for another 6-8 years, but I fear my i5 2500k will be the next to die and it’ll come very soon.

I’m not the type of person who constantly replaces parts since I’m not financially capable and every piece of item I own has some sentimental value, especially the PC I used for my daily activities and fansubbing. In case you didn’t know, the core parts of my PC were donated to me back in the 2010s. I argued that it’s slow to rely on someone else to do the encoding, try out certain settings, wait for the guy to go online to upload the stuff, etc.. Lastly no one stays with a group indefinitely. Getting a capable PC and personally do all the legwork was the most viable option in the long run. And it is. All of the encoding, timing, typesetting were all done by the same computer donated to me in 2010.

And this actually reminded me of a silly scenario when I was in the process of buying the motherboard and other parts in the last days of 2010.

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Aikatsu Stars! Episode 70 Review: Jungle-katsu!

AOI PLS <3 <3 <3

Episode 69 was underwhelming and yeah, there were some good parts, but the mood wasn’t right for the much hyped crossover between OG Aikatsu! and Aikatsu Stars! episode to excite the fans a crossover happened and it failed to deliver expectations. Thankfully episode 70 delivered and I got what I wanted.

…especially Aoi.

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Aikatsu Stars! Episode 69 Review: Wasted Opportunity

As you may have noticed I stopped making episode reviews for Aikatsu Stars! season 2 and the reason for that is part laziness. But with that said though, I’ll make a review of the entirety of season 2, or maybe make a review of the first and second half. Though… I still need to watch Aikatsu Stars! past episode 58… And yeah, I’m that far away.

Anyway, after hearing the anime is doing a two-episode crossover special with the OG cast and having seen the first episode of the special (raw, obviously), I think I’ll make a review of it now. Please bear in mind I skipped a lot of episodes, so I cannot comment regarding the continuity of the story. But one thing is for certain though: The crossover happened because the Aikatsu! anime(?) series is celebrating its 5th year.

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Alien Covenant is a stupid movie

Oh shit, guys! We found a habitable planet! Let’s go check it out by sending a team of highly-trained and experienced scientists to the surface! What’s that? Our immune system isn’t evolved to defend against alien germs that are obviously present on the planet and we may contract diseases and die? And we should send out the android to survey the planet first, just to be safe and avoid casualties? Fuck that! That’s too much effort! What’s that? No, I didn’t watch War of the Worlds.

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My most hated anime ever

I often said I hate X anime, but it’s just an exaggerated expression of “dislike.” Yeah, there are a lot of anime I disliked for many reasons like poor/incomplete story, slow pacing, awful characters, etc., and sometimes I dislike certain anime purely out of association, like that idol anime titled Prism-something.

But is there an anime series that I truly hate? As in, I loathe the anime with every fiber of my being? Anime so detestable that it changed my perspective of an anime genre? Well, there are 2 anime series that has this honor and I’m gonna share them to you.

Please do keep in mind I’m writing this out of memory. No way I’m re-watching these train wrecks. And major spoilers ahead.

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My thoughts on smartphones and the Samsung S7 edge

The first smartphone I handled was the first iPhone 3G. It looked cool, but like the iPod and the iPad, I hate how iOS treats you like you don’t own these devices. I have to plug in the device on my computer (it doesn’t charge), open iTunes just for the simple act of copying something. And the worst part was I can’t copy something back. The hate started there.

The next phone I handled was a Samsung S4 and it was thinner and while it has its own bloatware Samsung Kies, I can still do basic operations like copy and paste to and from the device. I liked the S4. But in the end I avoided smartphones and used this very old Nokia phone.

At first I saw no real use for smartphones, but after a shift in role at my work place and I was so tempted to play Photokatsu, I decided to get a modern phone… that is not an iPhone.

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