Aikatsu Stars! Episode 19 Review: Idol Activities

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My readership is still small, but I do appreciate it when people talk about my thoughts on the anime I review. Yeah, some may be antagonistic because their views are different, but come on, if we’re thinking the same thing and agree on the same thing, wars shouldn’t have existed.

With that said, I recently argued that Aikatsu! doesn’t need drama or romance because the point of Aikatsu! is about girls going about their idol activities. Is this really true? Or is it just me in denial because I’ve been accused as “anti-het” or someone who hates heterosexual relationships in my Chinese cartoons?

While my preference of anime porn is indeed yuri, I don’t hate het. My favorite anime of all time is Vision of Escaflowne and the anime I consider the most beautiful anime ever made is Full Moon wo Sagashite. Who are the couples in these shows? Yes, exactly.

At any rate, I will prove my point at the end the review.

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Aikatsu Stars! Episode 18 Review: The Movie Hype

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Movie hype and drama.

On one side, there are people who wants something new in the Aikatsu! formula, and they got what they wanted by adding a major plot, the “legendary idol gone sour” kind of plot and giving supporting cast of characters that weren’t in the arcade games some purpose or relevancy.

On the other side, there are people who wants to keep things as they were — An anime series that doesn’t follow the melodramatic footsteps of their counterparts, an anime series that’s lighthearted, colorful, comfy and with good music. A series that’s all about a group of girls doing idol activities and nothing more.

I’m on the latter.

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Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 15-17 Review Marathon

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My literal reaction after I compromised my August’s budget because I bought a phone. I won’t be eating properly for one month. Kuyashii! But…

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My literal reaction after buying my first ever smartphone and loving the hell out of it. AND I can play Photokatsu without any lag! Ureshii!

Time for another Review Marathon by yours truly. I’m liking the episodes, maybe, except for episode 17 because there is no way any sane person wears mismatching clothes like M4. God, I thought K-Pop artists were the worst dressers in recorded human history.

This is an almost spoiler free review so I won’t say much. And why the hell aren’t you reading my Dark Souls 3 post, huh? ;_;

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