Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 15-17 Review Marathon

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My literal reaction after I compromised my August’s budget because I bought a phone. I won’t be eating properly for one month. Kuyashii! But…

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My literal reaction after buying my first ever smartphone and loving the hell out of it. AND I can play Photokatsu without any lag! Ureshii!

Time for another Review Marathon by yours truly. I’m liking the episodes, maybe, except for episode 17 because there is no way any sane person wears mismatching clothes like M4. God, I thought K-Pop artists were the worst dressers in recorded human history.

This is an almost spoiler free review so I won’t say much. And why the hell aren’t you reading my Dark Souls 3 post, huh? ;_;



My reaction after watching episode 15.

You could say episode 15 is a continuation of episode 14 featuring Mahiru and her relationship with her big sister Yozora. The headmaster just announced a new live event and that involves S4 and the 4 classes they represent. Each S4 member is paired with a girl from their class and the two performs on stage. Yozora ended up with Mahiru, obviously. Not nepotism, mind you.

The rest of the episode showed why Mahiru is so distant and antagonizes her big sister, but with some helpful push by friends of both sides, the two sisters accepted each other, and we can probably see Yozora endless dotting Mahiru from now on.

It’s a very good episode and cemented Mahiru as one of the main cast in the anime. And yeah, Mahiru has some similarities with Ran in terms of her idol type and her distant attitude. And like Ran, she might soften up and that’ll be cute to see.


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Oh shit, didn’t I tell you? Rola passed away in this episode. RIP. ;_;7

Rola was selected to be Hime’s partner for the event Natsu…something (I forgot) and unfortunately, something happened and Rola couldn’t make it. SHE DIED.

Rola was out filming her taiyaki gig and due to some technical difficulties, her shooting took a while to finish. What’s worse is the day of filming her gig is also the same day as her schools big event. More problems popped up and Rola couldn’t attend, so she passed the responsibility to Yume, the 2nd highest in the rankings. Yume wasn’t too thrilled Rola couldn’t show up and after a rather touching phone call, Rola passed the baton to Yume and teamed up with Hime.

Episode 16 is my favorite episode out of the 3 because I really like Yume and Rola’s relationship blooming at a very nice pace. And it’s cute seeing the worried Yume calling out Rola’s name a million times in this episode. Now, I know “Rola” (ローラ) can be translated to “Laura” but I’ll stick with Rola on this one because it’s easier to type and I’m not currently fansubbing the anime so I have little interest in shoving my preferred translations to your throats. :3


[Ohys-Raws] Aikatsu Stars! - 17 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_04.42_[2016.08.05_21.45.17]Ako did nothing wrong and it was a good episode like giving her (finally) screen time and a reason to like her. But it felt like Ako was just shoehorned in as the 4th main character in the anime because she’s a token tsundere and the studio wants the group featuring the 4 types of idols (Cute, Cool, Sexy, Pop).

Koharu was thrown at the side because she never had a CGI dance scene and her idol type is similar to Yume. Koharu had a lot of screen time, is a capable idol and has close relationships with Yume, Rola and especially Mahiru, so it felt insulting she didn’t get a fair shake. Ako just swooped in all of a sudden and took the 4th spot. Ako is not a bad character by any means, it’s just she didn’t properly prove herself. But hey, fans love a tsundere and Ako does that cat thing.

Oh, right, what’s my opinion on episode 17? Forgettable. The episode did show M4 but they barely did something worth noting, except for headphones guy telling Ako to stop gawking at Subaru. And they dressed like clowns.

[Ohys-Raws] Aikatsu Stars! - 17 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_10.31_[2016.08.05_00.19.08]

I’m guessing the art director did this on purpose to compensate for their samey faces.


[Ohys-Raws] Aikatsu Stars! - 17 (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_01.09_[2016.08.05_00.00.28]

Lau—Rola is still a best.

Episode 18 is going to be interesting and I’m eager to see an upcoming new character that was hinted for a while. If she’s in the anime, then Aikatsu Stars! will have two characters whose names are related to the lily flower.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs



My new phone is a Samsung Galaxy J7 (6). Screen resolution is 720p with 8 cores. I couldn’t find the 1080p version and I don’t care. Seriously, a 1080p screen that small? Plus with a smaller resolution, battery life is very good.

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 15-17 Review Marathon

  1. Laura is still the best! Although I don’t like the name Rola, it doesn’t fit her at all.

    Dat slap though, no one so it coming.

    Everyone got shipped together~ Yume xSubaru, Laura x Nozomu, Koharu x Asahi and Ako x Kanata

      • Actually, Koharu did so with Asahi in Episode 14; there were some chemistry between those two XD. Unfortunately, same can’t be said for Laura for now, but let’s hope for the best. She’s cool as always though, so I doubt that any guy could resist her charms.

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