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Let me treat this blog as a blog for once, so I’ll rant something that’s been bugging me for a while (even though I already know the answer to this).

It’s been more than a year since we started scanlating Aikatsu! doujinshi and I’m actually surprised how much we improved, like I became the group’s typesetter mainly because we’re understaffed and got more helping hands. I’ve improved after I did typesetting for a few doujinshi (I TS’d 80% of the doujins), and aside from that, my Japanese reading skills slightly improved. I can recognize a few kanji so there were times I can read sentences without looking up the kanji’s definition. I’m still far from perfect and I still need a checker to, well, check my translations.

Anyway, yeah, I’m a fansubber and I started around in 2007 but I only recently started scanlation.

Now for the actual rant.


Take your time!

I dunno about you, but it sucks only a few people talk about the stuff we translated. I understand doujinshi doesn’t really spark long conversations, but it sucks the time we sunk into making these translations barely gets any recognition. We didn’t randomly pick a doujin to translate, we picked them because we think they tell interesting stories, and it’d be nice to see people enjoy them and talk about them.


The Restless Couple

On my first few translations, I thought fans wanted porn, so we started working on a few lewd doujinshi and see if we can get people to talk about it. Sadly, while lewd doujinshi has the most download count, I barely see anyone talking about them. Maybe you don’t talk about porn?

By the way, we balance lewd and non-lewd doujinshi translations.


My adorable little doll

The only place where people talk about doujinshi translations is at Dynasty Reader. Yeah, it’s very rare for people to comment in our own website. While we get a 4-8 comments from Dynasty Reader now and then, they’re low compared to other doujinshi like, say, Love Love! and Kannazuki no Miko. After a few comments from people who are close to me and a few comments from a certain image board, Aikatsu! is a niche anime and that’s the reason why people rarely care about the translations we did.

I think it’s safe to say the Aikatsu! is indeed a niche anime only a few people watch. That’s really sad because Aikatsu! is a great show and it deserves a lot of exposure and recognition. It’s not as story-driven as other idol anime, but the characters and light-hearted story make up for any of its shortcomings.


Secret x Secret

Now I know what you’re thinking: I’m just looking for attention, something to stroke my ego with. Yeah, it’s true I seek attention, but it’s more than that. Seeing people enjoying the stories and talk about them is a great feeling. Their reactions is our reward for a job well done, it encourages us to work harder to bring more translations, and it alleviates some of the stress of fansubbing we experienced.


sweet bitter kiss

Also seeing people talk about the stuff we did gives us an indication on what people want. Do they want two girls fucking each other, or do they prefer reading an interesting story, or both? Without comments, we’re not sure they liked the books we translated. Do they even like it? Do they want us to continue on translating these kinds of stories?



I dunno. People just don’t talk about Aikatsu! all that often, especially when it comes to doujinshi. Niche or popular, we’ll continue translating Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi regardless. If we can’t figure out what people want, we’ll just translate the books we think are interesting for us.

I guess this ends my rant on something that doesn’t really matter to anyone. But hey, a blog is a blog.


Aikatsu! Scribble Book

I’m SHiN, founder and chief of Lazy Lily Fansubs, and I’ve been fansubbing for more than 9 years now. As of this writing, we currently translated 25 doujinshi for the past 1+ years. My goal is to be the number 1 source of Aikatsu! yuri doujinshi translations in the anime community. And from the looks of it, we’re slowly inching towards that goal.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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  1. I admit…I might have read some of those doujinshi before. Especially the chocolate themed one, that was so sweet and moving. That said, did you by any chance translate Risappe to Love Love? I absolutely loved that one.

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