Aikatsu Stars! Episode 23 Review: Silver Lily


Another day, another episode to review. I won’t go in-depth with this because there’s really nothing much to talk about unless I spoil everything. The episode is fun, though.

I had trouble writing this review because I have a metric ton of other things to do. I just can’t keep up, but I’ll try to make this review somewhat readable.


I may be misinterpreting kosei (個性) here, but…

I think Yume said they’re already 6 months/halfway through their first year and she is wondering what will she do in order to be a part of S4. Yume then recalled Anna saying about forging one’s own individuality or personality, but how will Yume do that? Conveniently, Koharu found an answer: Solving the Four Star Academy’s 7 Lucky (Mysteries). Whoever finds all 7 lucky mysteries will have their wishes granted. Who will grant their wish though?

Meanwhile, Yuzu revisited the sliver-haired girl a few episodes ago and Yuzu handed over a ticket for her concert. We soon find out the girl is Yuzu’s childhood friend Shirogane Lily (Lilian) and was bedridden for a while.


Elementary, my dear Koharu!

As usual, the episode is divided into two stories: Yume and the gang (Mahiru included) searches the school grounds for the 7 lucky mysteries and the introduction of new idol Shirogane Lily (lit. Silver Lily), and her relationship with Yuzu.


This is the first time Mahiru approached the girls without any onee-chan agenda. Which is quite nice because Mahiru needs more screen time. Thankfully, she’s very active in this episode.


Uh… I spoke too soon…

Anyway, the girls finding the 7 lucky mysteries is very fun and this diversion is a great way to show the students of Four Stars Academy are still your typical school girls doing activities like in any other non-idol school. What I mean is it felt like I was watching a cute non-idol Slice of Life anime.


Eventually the girls ran into a dead end and this is where the 2nd half begins.


Actually, I had trouble understanding Lily because of the way she talks. She always speak in this archaic or express things poetically. Funnily enough, Yuzu understands Lily word for word, and it’s understandable because Yuzu and Lily are friends since childhood.

It’d be trouble for me to translate her fan art and doujinshi…

ohys-raws-aikatsu-stars-23-tx-1280x720-x264-aac-mp4_snapshot_13-06_2016-09-15_20-33-07Lily is like an unholy union between Sumire and Maria.

My opinion of Lily is lukewarm at best. She’s an interesting girl, her relationship with Yuzu is cute, and I do find her beautiful, but her monotonous voice is discouraging. Like, one of the few reasons why I disliked Sumire (at first) was her voice is so boring.

But just like Sumire, I may like her eventually. I prefer girls who puts energy into their speech like Aoi, Hinaki, Yurika, and Juri.


My only gripe is Yume and the gang never knew Lily existed and is a student in Four Stars Academy. Lily is a renowned songstress/diva, and some people of the audience prior to the live event recognized her. Lily had a reputation before she got ill, so it’s perplexing why Yume and the gang (especially Mahiru) never heard of her until they’ve stuck their noses while looking for the 7 mysteries.



Episode 23 is a cute episode with some Mahiru screen time, and Shirogane Lily is a good new character with lots of potential. I’m partially worried how the anime will handle so many characters.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs




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  1. Lily is quite the avid bookworm; I really love how she often quotes phrases from novels or famous people. That said, I heard that she has a role to play in the next few episodes, which means she’s not your average admin nor another side character, so it will be very interesting to see what kind of role she has in the main story.

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