Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 24-25 Review Marathon


Oh hey, another review marathon because I was a bit busy last week. What did I do? Well, we, in case you didn’t know, I manage two websites and we recently translated a doujin.


Give it a read when you have the time and if you’re an Akari x Sumire fan, you’re gonna love this one. Lewd warning, though.

Now then, I’m not gonna spoil everything, so don’t expect me to post delicious screenshots of a certain supporting character from episode 25. And as usual, I’m gonna be brief and direct with these reviews.



Being an idol is hard work thanks to the daily training, auditions, radio shows, TV shows, and voice recording, but thankfully, the girls finally got their deserved 3-day break (I think it was 3 days). Yume, Rola, Mahiru and Ako decided to visit Yume’s place while Koharu went back home to see her parents.



This scene implied episode 24 took place after the events from the Aikastu Stars! Movie, so where are the matching bracelets Yume gave to Rola? You could say the school doesn’t allow accessories, but the girls didn’t wear them in their casual wear. Where are they?!

Oh and yeah, something happened in the movie and Yume and Rola wore matching trinkets. Ever wondered why there were lots of fan art of Yume and Rola holding hands and gazing each other under the orange skies? Now you know.


I’m not sure what are the purpose for these glitters.


There’s a side plot in this episode and it’s not really interesting and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but hey, it’s a kid’s show and the anime needs to remind the parents that there are morals to be learned here.

Now that’s out of the way, I do love it when they gave Mahiru more screen time and character development. She’s not really a token tsundere like Ako, but she does exhibit the personality of a tsundere, but in a more, uh, toned down(?) way. Like around 40% tsun and 60% dere.

Speaking of Ako…


I don’t know this character. She just popped up and became relevant out of nowhere. She probably got a good amount of screen time and character development in the movie, but since 90% of the fanbase didn’t watch the movie at this point, she’s just there for no apparent reason. What about Koharu, Japan?



Overall episode 25 is a fun little distraction. Still bothered at the missing bracelets though.



It’s the school festival at Four Star Academy! Uh, aside from the lack of a maid cafes, haunted houses and yakisoba, the students are gonna do a Broadway musical performance for the main event. And to make things interesting and a learning experience, these young girls are randomly given roles in making the stage play.

Oh and Koharu is in the hot seat!


Episode 25 is essentially a glorified Koharu episode with lots of Koharu doing Koharu things. And, well, obviously that’s a good thing.


Every time I see Koharu does something whether be important or not makes me wonder why she’s stuck as supporting character. She’s a capable character and has more personality than Ako, but no, Ako replaced Koharu as the main 4 because Ako happens to be a Pop type. This episode has clearly shown Koharu having traits and qualities of a main character, and that cuteness of her is a tasty icing in the already delicious cake.

But whatever, you can’t have 2 sexy types. Unfortunately.


Sugoi contact ID picture, sis.

Episode 25 is another good example of showing off the series’s strengths: self-producing and idol activities. However I didn’t fully appreciate it once M4 showed up. Throughout the episode the girls were working in setting up and rehearsing their roles for main performance then all of a sudden, with no contribution at all, M4 showed up.


What were they doing in the performance? They didn’t help with the production at all. Yume was the one who is managing everything and not once did she collaborate with M4. There was implication when Mahiru’s brother (forgot his name since M4 are generally forgettable) mentioned about their involvement, but I think it’s just a lazy way of shoving in their significance. Or a way to show the audience M4 (unfortunately) exist in this anime.


Episode 25 is a near perfect episode with great Koharu moments, but only to be ruined by characters got shoved in for no convincing reason. If they want me to like M4, they’d better give me a fucking good reason.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs



Try to guess who started the whole Koharu Shenanigans.

One thought on “Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 24-25 Review Marathon

  1. About Ako and Mahiru, yeah, this is a huge flaw, one that was already evident for ages. We know that it was only in the movie that both of them interacted with each other for the first time, and yet the problem is that the movie will only be released internationally in like, six months time. Obviously a lot of non-Japanese people are going to be like:” wait, since when did those two get along so well?” It is indeed a major flaw, but the main reason was because of the bad timing.

    Speaking of Episode 25…”smiles” Golden to the max. Also, how did Ako’s plushie claws ever manage to leave such deep marks on concrete? Ah, who knows, maybe her father is Hugh Jackman, so I bet her body is made of adamantium.

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