Time to Upgrade PC?


This is sort of a complete version of my tweets back at Twitter.

So my PC, the one I assembled in, uh, 2010-2011, I think, is still running strong and the only real upgrade I added to it was a used R9 280x video card. Ever since, I used the PC to encode all of the anime stuff we translated and sometimes I helped other groups with their encoding. I’m also using the PC as my personal device for gaming and general computer stuff.

The machine I fondly named Hiira—Kiriya Aoi has served me well without fail over the years, but a part of me thinks I should upgrade or start a new build.

If I go with the upgrade path, all I needed to add is a better video card for my gaming needs, more hard drive space and finally upgrade my 8 GB RAM to 16 GB (mobo’s max is 16 GB). I will probably buy a DAC to improve the audio quality and replace some of the busted fans I haven’t replaced in 3 years.

If I go with the new build path, I have to buy everything (except the hard drives) like a new case, new motherboard, new CPU, etc. The reason why I need to make a new build because I want to do it properly this time (actual wire management), and future-proof my machine for the eventual 4K world. I’m not quitting fansubbing for a while and when I do go back, I need to have a machine ready that is capable of rendering and encoding 4K material.

But in reality, I’ll probably stick to upgrading parts. In case you didn’t know, the reason why I got this machine was because people donated. I would have quit fansubbing a long time ago if wasn’t for this PC.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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