Aikatsu Stars! Episode 26 Review: New and Improved?


Aikatsu Stars! tried a lot of things to make them stand out like putting male idols, more drama, dubstep music, and so on. Something tells me these changes were also a part of an experiment to see how the fans adapt. It turns out some of them were bad ideas and will probably be scrapped.

There were couple of instances of this happening in OG Aikatsu! like the friendship “will be put to the test” thing mentioned by Aoi, Orihime and Ran. What happened to it? Scrapped in favor of a more wholesome and drama-free approach. Dream Academy was supposed to be a rival school and in the end the school became buddy-buddies with Starlight. Maybe because they don’t want the fans avoiding buying the DreAca cards, or something.

We’re now at the 2nd half of the series and we get to see the new OP and ED themes. The changes are too early to tell, but judging by the OP and ED, Aikatsu Stars! is bringing back some elements from OG Aikatsu!.

That’s what I think at least. On to the review.


Shirogane Lily is back at Four Star Academy after a long break (one year?) due to her condition and coincidentally enough, Lily bumps into Yume the gang. It didn’t take long for Lily to see Yume as a rival since both aim to be part of S4… But seriously, EVERYONE wants to be part of S4.


Yuri and Lily. Surprisingly the universe didn’t implode.

We get to see more of Lily in this episode like the severity of her condition, her personality, her relationship with Yuri and the rest of the higher ranking students (still finding that right word for “kanbu”), and her relationship with Yuzu.


Lily is a loner and due to her physical health, she often gives up training after doing one push up and sits on the corner watching her classmates train. Thankfully, Lily is a keen observer.


What’s confusing is how she got in the school in the first place. Passing the written exam is easy, but she will definitely fail in the physical exams, and she’s a liability due to hear weak body. Did the headmaster give her a pass because she can sing very well, and a likely candidate for his plans to take over the world using idols?


To end my review of the episode and jump straight to my other opinions, Lily’s unconventional way of doing her idol activities gave Yume a fresh new perspective in how to handle situations, a new look on how to forge her identity and how to self-produce. If Yume met Lily before her single debut, do you think she can properly self-produce it?


The art and animation looked weird maybe because they spent their current budget on episode 25. Other than that, Lily is a new addition to the cast with a personality that stand out. She’s probably likes edgy things though.


This is Lily’s Rare Coord. The looks is edgy enough, but want to know the name of the coord? The name of her coord is “Dark Scream.” Yeah, it’s a type of name you’d get from a dark magic spell in Dark Souls.


leopard-raws-aikatsu-stars-26-raw-tx-1280x720-x264-aac-mp4_snapshot_01-09_2016-10-06_22-16-10The new opening theme was very unexpected and it’s reminiscent to the OPs of yore. In fact, the OP went its way to highlight Yume and Rola’s relationship so hard that you can’t ignore the yuri subtleties oozing out. Subaru is still in the OP, but instead of Yume, he got paired with Ako. And this further prove that these supporting characters are just wastes of space. More on that later.


The stylistic and cutesy style of every ED theme we’ve known to love is back, and ED2 is one very cute music video with fairy tail-like aesthetics. Gone is the lazy presentation of ED 1 and no more dubstep music. I’ve got nothing against dubstep and the music video was okay, but it wasn’t really Aikatsu-ish.



I fail to see why M4 is relevant in this anime. The anime focuses on the female idols and we got, like, one episode dedicated to M4? Are they supposed to be the potential partners of the main girls? If so, why?

The anime isn’t giving me the reasons why the guys need to exist, and currently they’re just a waste of space to me. The new OP and ED certainly didn’t care about them, and the female idols are doing fine on their idol activities. We’re already at the 2nd half, so they need to give me a good reason why they should exist or why I should care.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs



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