Aikatsu Stars! Episode 27 Review: An Open Door


I had trouble understanding 60% of the dialogue, but I think I got the general gist of the story. Yeah, I’m still not good at understanding Japanese, but hey, watching anime raw and translating doujinshi is a way for me to learn. Am I getting good at it? I dunno. I mean, I can understand most of the dialogue, but I stumble when a character uses archaic words or words not commonly used.

Thankfully the visual and audio cues gave me the needed context. Most of the time.

With that said, my review may end up being short, and, uh…

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The episode starts with the girls talking about girl stuff. Koharu suggests to go shopping on a specific date, but then Yume was reminded of a special event coming. The event is being hosted by My Little Heart, Hime’s favorite and preferred brand, and conveniently, Yume bumped into Hime. And with Lily tagging along, the two enters the backstage and see what it’s like to make a new Premium Rare dress.



It’s really hard to understand Lily 80% of the time, but when she does snap out of her bookworm/nerd mode, she’s easy to figure out.


I gotta give Lily a lot of credit here because, quite frankly, she’s a better senpai to Yume than Hime. Lily is quick to share her experience, her opinions, and giving out advice to Yume, and Lily is the reason why Yume is moving forward a bit faster.


Hime on the other hand, she gives vague advice and keep Yume in the dark most of the time. I understand Hime is trying to protect Yume, but I think it’s better to tell Yume than let her figure it out, especially when it’s life-threatening. That’s like someone giving vague hints someone is out there to kill me, and I only realized it until a knife found its way in between my eyes.

Seriously, what’s wrong with “Hey, someone is going to kill you! Better get the fuck out of Dodge!”?


This episode is focused on Yume’s goals in being part of S4 and how to continue on forging her own identity. In order to do that, she needs to find her own reasons to exist and not follow someone like a shadow, and again, Lily is there to give a hand.



This pretty much concludes my review for episode 27. It’s a good watch with a bit of suspense in the end. It’s just funny the headmaster knew Subaru is gonna show up at the front gate and turn the M4 member into a plot device.

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This is Hime’s “stage 2” aura. I wonder if they’re gonna add a stage 3 aura. I’m guess it’ll happen because the headmaster is still eying Yume and her hidden potential. If Hime’s stage 2 aura didn’t impress the headmaster, then that implies he’s looking for more power. Am I making sense here?




I checked the wikia and this person is a guy and if that’s the case, this implies a lot of things. If both genders can be part of S4, then what’s the point of M4? Or is Miwa (means Beautiful Feathers) actually a girl? Or is this an attempt to take a jab at PriPara for letting a cross-dresser participate in a system that’s made primarily for girl idols?

One thought on “Aikatsu Stars! Episode 27 Review: An Open Door

  1. I am with full agreement with you here; Lily is without doubt a far more reliable senpai compared to Hime. You would think the top student of Song Class would be someone you could rely on in times of crisis, rather than a seemingly emo-looking admin. Nope. Instead, it’s the opposite here.

    And speaking of Hime, she’s basically Hikaru’s sock puppet. Justified as she juked the hell out of Subaru’s inquiries and led him over to where Hikaru was so the latter could manipulate him into abandoning his detective work. Let’s be clear; both Hikaru and Hime may think that they are “protecting” Yume by keeping everyone in the dark, but that is literally bullshit and the total opposite of protecting her. If I were Subaru, I would have punched Hikaru in the face right there. This is not the time for secrets, especially when the life of the one you love is at stake.

    Oh, and I love how you took a dim view of Pripara’s cross-dresser friendly altitude; it’s partly one of the reasons why I don’t rate Pripara that highly.

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