Aikatsu Stars! Episode 28 Review: Halloween-katsu!


I’m gonna post a couple “supplement” posts in this review because not only there’s nothing much to say about this episode, I think it’s not needed to make separate posts regarding Twitter and general posting in certain image boards.

Now then!


It’s the obligatory Halloween episode and Four Star Academy is geared up to give the students something to trick and treat about… I suck at humor…

Anyway, the event is about the freshmen girls going around the campus with their costumes and gather as much candies as possible from the school staff and upperclassmen including S4. Whoever gets the most candies will win the title of Halloween Princess, and in typical Aikatsu! fashion, the school is not gonna give the candies without a challenge.


Halloween episodes, Christmas episodes, and drama audition episodes are arguably the best parts of the series and I find myself laughing throughout because of the silly antics these characters go through just to get to the sweet candy rewards.



It’s currently hard to liken Mahiru to someone (memory block?), but Mahiru is that straight/tight laced character who is oblivious to the awkward and silly nature of her actions. This trait is very charming and I like to see her do more silly things other than cutting things through her absurdly razor-sharp martial arts skills.

Ako was all right in this episode mainly because of her reactions toward Mahiru and Koharu. あら、あら、まぁ、まぁ~



And that’s it. Go watch this episode now—if you’re able—because it’s one of the best and funniest Aikatsu Stars! so far.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs



I’m already in my second year at Twitter and I learned a few more things.

  • Only a handful of followers talk to you
  • The rest of the followers “interact” only through liking and retweeting
  • People do interact with you, but they’ll stop talking a few weeks later
  • Even if I start the conversation, they’ll show this “not interested” mood and the conversation ends a couple of replies later
  • People unfollow you for the slightest of reasons, and they will follow you because you mentioned a thing they liked. Then they’ll unfollow a few weeks later
  • Camaraderie is non-existent and will not develop in Twitter by the long term



4chan /u/ rarely talks about the anime, and I gave up. An anime series that is 200+ episodes long with 99% of its content is about cute girls doing cute things is enough for discussions, and yet they decided to shy away because of that 1% of non-/u/ content.

The current thread right now is so pathetic to look at because 90% of its posts came from me. People aren’t really talking about Aikatsu!. Same goes for 8ch’s /u/ board. The jinx/curse from my days at /a/ finally caught up to /u/. Aside from the useful Translation Threads, I’m officially giving up Aikats/u/ until more than two people post in those threads. Chances of that happening? From my experience: Zero.

I think it was a smart call making a Discord server.

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! Episode 28 Review: Halloween-katsu!

  1. You can’t find that much camaraderie on Twitter, much less dubious websites like 4chan and 8ch “shudders”. Seriously, you shouldn’t even have gone there looking for people to chat with about Aikatsu. Maybe you’d have better luck in a forum-based environment like the main wiki, where it’s more friendly and there’s some actual camaraderie going around.

    • Actually I’ve been to 4chan for more than 8 years now and I did enjoy my time there and got to know people. I also founded the first Aikatsu community there until they kicked me out and moved to Twitter. I’ve been meaning to sign up in wikia but I’m just not used to the forum format. I guess this encouraged me to make a discord server.

      • Well, its up to how you want to play it-but if you ever feel like a being a team player for once then sign up-no one’s gonna kick you out unless you do something that’s against the wiki’s rules. Speaking of which, the admins might take a dim view of your…’line of work’ if you know what I mean. In other words, sexual content isn’t allowed on the main wiki.

        • Btw, I checked out your discord server-in any case I would like to know when you are available so that we can have a proper chat for once.

          • Great! Uhm, I’m usually be able to reply any time because I have Discord installed in my phone, but if you want a long chat, I’ll be around at 6 PM GMT+8 (Manila Time).

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