Have I finally found it? The place where I /sorta/ belong?


It’s a busy month so I wasn’t able to write episode reviews and to show that I’m still alive (assuming you only check my activity here), here’s a picture of my desktop without the lights. Comfy af, if you ask me.

#MAGA — Make Aoi Great Always

Anyway, if you were following me for your schadenfreude, then this post will make you laugh at me. I’m not saying I’m truly pathetic… It’s just people find amusement in my sufferings.


I’m sure you already know that I left /a/ because they didn’t want me anymore. There are many reasons like backstabbing friends, more haters coming in to the threads after it allowed other idol anime discussions, or 4chan no longer tolerates tripfags.

After a few childish fits, I decided to let go and find a new place where people would accept idiots like me.


My first attempt was Twitter. It was nice to meet a couple of folks, but they have a habit of ignoring you after a few weeks. Plus Twitter isn’t good for conversations with its clunky reply chain and how it sorts replies. I’m still using it though because it’s one of the best places to save Aikatsu fan art, Aoi fan art and get news on the latest doujinshi.

My next attempt was 8/u/. While the first few days were fun, population is low and not a lot of people are watching Aikatsu. Currently the thread is just there for me to post new stuff.

8/a/? I don’t like the idea of the board allowing porn, so no. (Hurr double standard much?) The folks, especially the Board Owner and Board Volunteers are very nice though.

Next was going back to 4chan and start in /u/. While it’s more active than 8/u/, only a few people post in the threads, and it’s sorta pathetic to see the threads getting bumped by me 90% of the time. The Translation Threads are helpful though and the general population in /u/ tolerate me as a namefag because I provide /u/ content.

At this point, I have nowhere else to go. A follower of mine, who is a member of the Aikatsu! Wiki, invited me to join their community. Forums are, well, not too flexible because you can’t post pictures easily like image boards do and you can’t do simple posts like a reaction image post or a quick reply post. I’m making excuses, yeah, but the fact is, I’m not used to forums.

I was also reminded of KiraKiraChan or /kkc/, an image board for Aikatsu! stuff. Much like the places I visited, it’s not really active. I tried to bring in content by posting my translations there, but just like the dodo, it went to extinction.


Looking back, I know why I keep on failing. I’m a huge fucking faggot? Yeah, that’s part of the reason too. But seriously, 8/u/ and /u/ aren’t the best places to discuss anime because these are porn boards. You can’t freely post non-yuri images or topics, and a lot of people really don’t want to see porn. /a/ is the best place for Aikatsu! because Aikatsu! isn’t a yuri anime. It has some moments if you squint your yuri vision, but Aikatsu! isn’t yuri and not all people talk about the yuri only.

Where will I go to talk and post about the anime and not restrict yourself because of board rules? Certainly not /a/. I ain’t going back to that cesspool of hate. I’d rather shitpost greentext threads in /v/ than go in /a/. Well, maybe I’ll come back when there’s a new Yuru Yuri OVA to translate.

Twitter sucks, 8/u/ and /u/ aren’t good for general discussion and /kkc/ is dead. Where will I go? IRC? Tried that too and it failed.


With no other options, I tried Discord and created two main channels that encourages SFW discussions and NSFW image dumping.

I was crossing my fingers after my Discord announcement was posted and to my surprise, a good amount of people joined my server. They are not constantly active, but it’s nice there are people entering my servers, talk about anime, and general chatting. It’s a good feeling, and for the first time since I left /a/, I was actually successful in starting a new community.


Will this community last? I hope so because currently I have no more options. My community will grow for as long as I keep on producing content, encourage people to join, and keep a level head.

I’ll hope for the best.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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  1. I didn’t really understand how bad your situation was until I saw this blog post. You really had a hard time out there, eh?

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