Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 29-32 Review Marathon


If you see me do a review marathon, chances are I was busy doing something else. Last week-ish we translated a doujin that is perfect for Halloween, and since it was a Yurika and Seira event in Photokatsu, the douijn we translated was a RanYuri book.


Give it a read, if you’re curious. And yes, we have the final chapter of the doujin. We just need to, you know, translate it. Or would you prefer some KaeYuri?



Do you remember that scene in Gundam SEED where Nicol Amarfi got sliced in half by Kira Yamato? This brutal act enraged Athrun Zala and the two fought to the death in the following episode? I did because Gundam SEED Destiny keeps repeating the same death sequence a trillion times and ending up devaluing that emotional moment.

Why am I bringing this up? Because that very scene made me realize there’s a pattern on when a character is going to die or when a character leave the series. Before Nicol got killed, he was given a lot of focus and characterization out of nowhere. And after that seemingly touching heart-to-heart moment between him and Athrun, Nicol was marked for death and died at the hands of Kira.

I call these episodes/scenes “Character Closure” events: If a character gets an episode dedicated to them around the middle or nearing the last part of the series, that character is ready to leave the series, dead or alive. I think they’re called “flags”, but whatever.

A character closure moment occurred in Aikatsu Stars! and quite honestly I didn’t see it coming. I kinda expected this to happen eventually, but I expected this to potentially happen nearing the end of the series. Or give the characters fewer and few lines.

I don’t see why they need to have that character leave the school, but I guess they needed a heartbreaking moment to further develop the main characters. Kamina’s death, and Simon’s downward spiral and resolve came to mind.


It was (vaguely) explained why Rola couldn’t keep up with Yume, but I wasn’t entirely convinced. Rola worked hard prior to the event and I don’t think she was trying to copy or be like Yume. But whatever, after the result of the audition in episode 30, Rola distanced herself from Yume and tries to be better by following her own idol activities.


I’m liking Mahiru more and more thanks to a few episodes showing her personality, character, and how she interacts with people in a group. I was a bit worried she’d end up like a token loner with a big sister complex, but thankfully episode 31 was smart to let Mahiru interact with Yozora in a more competitive, non-onee-chan hugging environment.


Out of the four main characters, I think Ako is the weakest mainly because she’s too simple-minded. Fawning over Subaru is her shtick and it’s easy to predict her motives easily, but I was surprised she did something thoughtful in a non-Subaru way. I still have my doubts, but I’m softening up to Ako if she displays more concern and attention to her classmates, and especially to her soon-to-be unit members.


Episodes 29-32 were tough times for Yume, and I do wonder why Hime isn’t giving her some senpai wisdom all the time. I guess that’s still a good thing because Yume is free to forge her own path and solve her own problems with just a few helpful push from her friends.

Remember what Orihime, Ran, and Aoi said in OG Aikatsu! S1? Being an idol is tough and in order to be successful, sacrifices has to be made, and friendships will be at risk. This is what Yume is experiencing.





There are a few more things I’d like to say, but November is a very busy month for me. It’s hard to catch up and I tend to forget some details when writing a review in a rush.

Or probably I’m too dumb to write detailed reviews, or I’m just lazy. Or both.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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  1. I literally feel bad for both Laura and Koharu; the former keeps losing to Yume due to hax powers being involved and the latter had to leave all for the sake of “character development”. I hope that the writers know what they are doing, otherwise those decisions might come back to haunt them.

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