Aikatsu Stars! Episode 33 Review: A helpful tip


“Literally who?”

Okay, I lied, I’m browsing 4chan, but it’s a fact I stopped browsing /a/. The last time I actually posted was around Nachuyachumi+2 and when I tried to stay longer, they told me to fuck off in the end. I wasn’t really bummed or anything because I had no reason to post after we’re done with the OVA and specials. Hey, at least it’s nice an Anon actually named their newborn kitten “Lazy Lily.”

The only boards I frequently visit are /u/, /v/ and /pol/ (for Trumpman, and Duterte threads), and that’s it. Why am I bringing this up? I left /a/ for almost two years (not sure, I actually lost count) now and I stopped giving a shit, and yet, as evidenced in a recent post in /u/, I’m still not “Literally who” status and it suggests I’m somehow still relevant in their hugbox I was never part of since day one. I stopped giving a shit a long time ago, scumfucks. Show some courtesy and do the same.

Now where was I? Yes, the review.



It’s a Rola episode about her struggling to figure out what she’s lacking and why she kept on losing to Yume. She went home to her parents in hopes they can improve her.

I’m not go into details (as usual), but I’m going to express my dissatisfaction at how they handle the story. I’m fine with drama for as long as they’re not forced or used in an unconvincing way. This episode made my blood boil (except for the Rola Lily parts).


The teachers, the senpai-tachi and especially Hime suck at giving advice and sharing their senior wisdom. Anna find out Yume is staying up after class to train and Anna just let her go without leaving some real advice. Yume nearly died TWICE and they never nudged Yume to a safer path by offering their experience and wisdom. Hime just stood there and was like “Oh no! Yume is pushing herself again! I’ll just stand here and continue to worry instead of giving her actual wisdom and advice!” It’s fucking infuriating and Hime is an awful character in my eyes.


The wisest person in the show is Lily and she has given more helpful and meaningful advice to Yume and Rola than anyone else. Period. Do you think Anna could’ve helped Rola by giving her vague advice? NO. Lily was the only one who got Rola out of her slumped state. Lily is direct, supportive and yeah, offers REAL help.


Drama is an effective element to drive the plot and characters, but if used haphazardly like what Aikatsu Stars! is doing, drama only makes the story bad, forced and made the show a chore to watch. I guess I understand why OG Aikatsu! dumped those foreshadowing drama because they’re bad to the series.

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One thought on “Aikatsu Stars! Episode 33 Review: A helpful tip

  1. I swear, Hime is even worse than Mizuki, and this episode more or less proves it. What kind of senpai leaves her kouhai in the dark, especially when she’s struggling with PTSD due to a dual combination of her best friend’s departure and secret power issues?

    Ever since the premiere episode, Hime has done nothing but repetitively give out vague hints and signs regarding Yume’s condition at hand. Yeah, I get that she’s not at liberty to tell the truth due to Hikaru’s orders, but that makes her look weak in comparison to Mizuki. For all her flaws, at the very least Mizuki was her own boss: never bowing down to others out of pressure. Hime, she’s like: “I really would love to explain everything, but I can’t because the head master told me not to say anything!” This altitude of hers basically makes a more of a gray character in my eyes: she may actually care sometimes, but can’t go against the orders of Hikaru, which essentially makes her a spineless sock puppet. Whatever negative opinions you might have of Subaru, at the very least he tried his best to uncover the truth for Yume’s sake, which essentially paints his character in a lightest shade of white possible.

    Another thing that Episode 33 made absolutely clear is that if there’s anyone best placed to replace Hime by the end of this season, it’s Lily herself. Time after time again, Lily has proved herself to be very capable of dishing out good and sound advice to both Yume and Laura, and especially during the most crucial times. Hime, in contrast has really bad timing: the only time she actually tries to tell Yume about what’s going on, ( Episode 30) was exactly when Yume was going through her PTSD period due to Koharu’s departure. Seriously, that is totally lame, even by her standards. In contrast, Lily, while ignorant of Yume’s condition, didn’t shirk her responsibilities as a admin. She gave both Yume and Laura sound advice when it ACTUALLY MATTERED. If it wasn’t for her advice, I doubt that Laura would have been able to get out of emo mode, which is irony considering the fact that Lily is basically emo herself.

    In short? Lily has a stronger (inner) spine than Hime: the former doesn’t let her physical weaknesses become a liability for her while the latter never once though of severing the puppet strings attached to her by Hikaru. Period.

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