Aikatsu Stars! Episode 34 Review: Ganguro Fashionistas


I notice Ako hangs around with Mahiru quite often and I think that’s a good thing and I hope they keep it up because a stand-up comedy duo gig isn’t so bad, and Ako’s reactions to things are kinda cute. Heh, I’m softening up to Ako now.

Drama-free Aikatsu episodes are the best episodes and that is a straight up fact. Drama is nice but if drama happened because people were dumb, then it’s not fun to watch. One of the best examples of drama-free episodes is episode 34 focusing more on Mahiru (again).


Did you grab a copy of OP2 and ED2 and noticed STARJET is listed as an opening theme? Yep, Aikastsu Stars! just introduced OP3, a first in the franchise. OP3 is nice, but it feels like the animation quality is very low compared to OP1 and OP2.



The first years of Four Star Academy have definitely matured (well, the relevant idols at least) and are working hard in forging their own identity and sharpening their idol skills. Rola, Ako, and Mahiru had their goals set, except Yume. Is Yume improving with all that rigorous training? And what’s up with Mahiru and ganguro girls?


The main focus of this episode is Mahiru and her modelling activities. On one sunny day, Mahiru and Ako encountered a group of girls with heavy makeup and after breaking a few tiles with Mahiru’s patented karate chop, the ganguro girls decided to follow Mahiru and call her nee-san.


(Don’t ask why I’m posting a lot of Ako screenshots)

The anime is really focusing on character development this past few weeks and I love it how they handled Mahiru’s character arc by introducing these make-up heavy school girls. Mahiru may be a straight-faced girl with an onee-chan complex, but she is a capable idol who can achieve things through her own little way. And the fact she has a good mentor, her onee-chan Yozora.

Something tells me the writers listened to the fans this time.


OG Aikatsu! S3 was a disappointment partly because they neglected the S1 characters, the characters 90% of the fans preferred watching. Yes, I know, S3 is supposedly about the new characters, the Akari Generation, but you can’t really expect anyone to watch S3 with the original cast downgraded to background character status suddenly.

What S3 needed was the mentor system introduced in season 1. Ichigo, Aoi and Ran mentoring Akari, Sumire and Hinaki would have led to better character development, more screen time for Soleil and a chance for them to share their experience and teach these freshmen. Let’s be honest here, Ichigo was a bad senpai because she never really mentored Akari in a very impact. There were a few episodes, yeah, but they’re very rare and were spread too thin.

Or I guess Ichigo isn’t really the type to mentor someone.


Mahiru improved because she got a push by Yozora and S4, Rola has finally found her footing thanks to Lily’s words, and Ako will soon improve once she meets with Tsubasa. Yume on the other hand has no real mentor, a someone who can show her the way. And I think Hime aka Turd-hair (Shithead is too harsh) is a bad mentor and she’s doing more harm than good.

I understand Hime has her reasons, but it’s still inexcusable to not intervene or offer some senpai-wisdom to a troubled kouhai. I hope the next episode will give Hime a chance to prove herself she’s a capable mentor for Yume.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs



I think I like Ako.

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