Aikatsu Stars! Episodes 35-37 Review Marathon

My reviews are easy to invalidate because I’m watching this with limited knowledge of the Japanese language. But I do try to understand the story by piecing together visual cues and with whatever words I do understand. I have to say that I’m fairly certain what went on in episode 35. Thank goodness the anime is throwing actual plot elements.

Oh and Merry Christmas!


The plot thickens and episode 35 is rich of back story and your usual expositions. I’m actually quite impressed with this episode and got me hooked, but I think we won’t be seeing another major development any time soon. Or I could be wrong since I haven’t seen episode 36 as I write this.

Basically Moroboshi wants to figure out this power residing Hotaru, Hime and Yume and try to contain it in some way. His true intentions are still unknown, so we may see him do more things that would endanger his students. Still, it was very dumb of him to keep Yume in the dark after a couple of life-threatening incidents. Why not tell Yume sooner?

Hime sorta redeemed herself in this episode, but a part of me still thinks she was irresponsible and neglected Yume. Yeah, Hime was scared, but her failing to properly console Yume early in the series just made her a bad senpai.

Other thing to note is why Subaru and any of the M4 members never wear school uniforms inside the campus. They’re always in casual attire and now that I think about it, we really never saw any other male students in the school, and currently the anime never mentioned the male section of the school. Additionally, they seem to freely enter the female wing of the school. In real life, boys are usually banned from entering the girl sections. Are they really the only guy students in the school?


A whack job.

Now hold on there. If I heard it correctly, Hime overcame this “mysterious power” and yet she never shared her experience to Yume, who was very close of losing her voice? Ehh, I still don’t like Hime.

The episode is okay highlighting that the simplest solution is often the best solution, though I gotta wonder why it didn’t work because Yume was doing the exact same things as before.

Anyway, it was the little things I find this episode annoying. For example in Hotaru’s flashback, the young Moroboshi (Hikaru) burst into the room worried about his sister, and while that’s how siblings react, it’s silly for Hikaru to even be in the school without wearing his uniform. He was wearing a fucking shirt for fuck’s sake. And yes, I’m not a fan of the idea of pushing cubs off cliffs. It certainly does work, but not intervening when someone’s life is at stake is just fucking neglect. These idols are not animals.


This episode is reminiscent of that episode (forgot episode number) in OG Aikatsu! where Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran were promoting their first self-produced live event. Episode 37 is not a direct copy, but it has enough callbacks that made it enjoyable and a bit nostalgic. In fact, the song is a major callback to the original series. Maybe, just maybe OG and Stars are in the same universe. One can only hope!

And sorry, for spoiler reasons I’m not gonna post that Lily screenshot.

Huh… actual uniforms.

The “locker room talk” between the M4 members was nice and gave them some actual characterization, but I think it’s still lacking and I still think they’re just extras filling in roles nobody wanted. And considering the anime is already in episode 37, their moment to shine came little too late. Regardless, I’ve grown to like Subaru a bit and the timing was good because it took me until around episode 40+ to give a shit about Seira, and it took me around the later part of Aikatsu! S4 to give a shit about Sumire. I still don’t know the names of the other three M4 members though.

But then again, a Christmas episode was the perfect episode for M4 to show off some character and emotional support to Yume and Ako because Christmas time in Japan is also a time for romance. Boys do fall in love.


All episode are great with some minor annoyances like M4’s place in the anime, Hikaru’s sister “obsession” and the general stupidity of Hime.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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