Aikatsu Stars! the Movie Review: A Sappy Love Story

Aikatsu Stars! the Movie is literally or figuratively, or both a love story between Rola and Yume, and it’s not as subtle as Ichigo’s love song to Mizuki. It’s a BLATANT love story through and through. Try watching this on Valentine’s Day.

Oh and spoilers.

But come on, it’s not like this scene was posted a trillion times on the internet for months.

The movie took place around, uh, after episode 18, I think, and it covers the Aikatsu Island event taking S4, M4, Yume, Rola and the gang on an island adventure complete with a brown loli and beach scenes.

S4 takes a back seat and the movie focuses on the struggles of Rola overreacting at Yume, the two got into a fight, news of their quarrel spread throughout the island (complete with tabloid-esque news headline), both got sad and lonely, their emotions well up and eventually they got back together and said a few things normally you don’t casually say to a friend. It’s sappy, cliched, corny, so that’s why this movie is so good to watch.

Anyway, the movie answered a few things and confirmed a few things like why Koharu and Ako were so close in the TV anime, the reason why this doujinshi came to be, and further confirmation M4 is still irrelevant as ever.

I expected the movie to give M4 some character development and give them purpose, but nope, they’re as pointless as in the anime. In the movie, they got less than a minute or a minute and a half of total screen time, and Subaru got the most dialogue around 5-6 lines I suppose. There’s this scene where S4 and M4 sat down in an interview regarding the Aikatsu Island event: Each of the S4 members introduced themselves and said a few lines and only Subaru introduced himself. There were zero meaningful M4 scenes.

M4 is like the Boyzone of anime: Subaru is the only recognizable member like Ronan Keating is/was to Boyzone. That’s not really a compliment because Boyzone never wrote an original song and Boyzone sucked.

The movie is very short with around 56 minutes of total runtime, the production values aren’t movie-tier, and it should’ve been an OVA. Not that’s I’m complaining very much though because I got this ultra-rare ticket. ;3


“It’s because I love you, Rola.”

Spoilers: It’s an actual line.

The art and animation reeked low budget at certain parts and the scale is not as grandiose as the OG Aikatsu! movie, but it’s still a fun and emotional love story between Yume and Rola. If you’re expecting some Yume and Subaru moments, go watch Aikatsu Stars! episode 43 again and feel the sting of getting rival-zoned. The anime dodged a fucking artillery round.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


I miss Koharu so very much it hurts. Come back, Koharu… ;_;7

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