Photokatsu! is so damn expensive

You know, I rarely buy digital goods using real money. Back in Team Fortress 2, I bought some keys and I never bought hats (if I recall correctly) because it was kinda annoying to look at your items with a “cannot be traded” tag. Plus, they’re digital goods and these items can be found via random drops anyways. The main reason why I spent real money on keys in the first place is I need them to trade for Steam games. TF2’s trading scene was big and I was able to get games for half the price and that’s also the reason why my Steam game library is big at 270 games.

When I started playing Photokatsu last year, I was so tempted to try my luck to get every Aoi card found in the game. I ended up resisting and just play the game and scout new cards as soon as I have enough stars. Yeah, the game can be played without tossing money at it, but for me, I reached a breaking point. Last Christmas, I was so attracted by this Christmas-themed Aoi (pictured above) and after a failed roll, I bought a 3000 yen card and try my luck. Unfortunately I lost my Photokatsu account after trying to change the email address since Google won’t allow me to use the 3000 yen in a non-Japanese account, and I need to uninstall Photokatsu.

I started all over again and used the 3000 yen and got the Christmas Aoi I wanted. In the process I lost a ton of Aoi cards and was it worth the trouble? No. It’ll be hard for me to reacquire Witch Aoi, Aoi-sensei, Vampire Aoi, Mikan Aoi, etc. I punched myself and started all over again. My friends criticized me for being a moron and while I do agree with that, it was still my money and I can do whatever I want. It was 30 bucks and in retrospect, it was peanuts. If you think I learned my lesson, think again…

My mouth was drooling when I saw the event PR Aoi. After a failed roll using the stars I acquired, I, sadly, bought a 10000 yen card (roughly 100 USD) and try my luck again. Roll #1 = nothing. Roll #2 = Nothing. Roll #3 = Nothing. Roll #4 = Nothing. And in less than 5 minutes, I wasted 100 USD. The money vanished before my very eyes and I got nothing.

Fuck my life.

I’m not really like this. I hate microtransactions and I don’t pay for virtual items that are not video games and yet… I spent $130 in attempt to get virtual cards from a mobile game that will eventually expire and shut down. It was stupid of me. I’m not ignorant when it comes to money and I know 100 USD is huge fucking money. But… I caved in twice because I was mesmerized… hypnotized by this stupidly beautiful fictional blue-haired goddess named Kiriya Aoi. Logic simply went out the window when Aoi is involved. Yes, I’m obsessed with her.

In closing, I deserve to be criticized and shat on for spending money on virtual cards, but in the end… It’s still my fucking money though. It’s Aoi or bust.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

3 thoughts on “Photokatsu! is so damn expensive

  1. Shin, stop with this nonsense and get into a REAL money sink like Granblue Fantasy. So far they are in bed with Idolmaster, but it’s just a matter of time before an Aikatsu tie-in.

    • Ugh, grinding another game will be the death of me. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend thousands of hours just for one Aoi card in Granblue.

  2. I have lot Aoi Cards, plus i got Premium.

    BTW, my rank is 226. i do have lot my to do for working my project (Ice Crown Server).

    I tried getting Premium Card, Since it’s hard when scouting 11, also i have 10 Premium Cards that i never used like Seira (except Ichigo, Aoi, Ran, Madoka & 2 PRs Akari.)

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