Japan: The Pipe Dream?

It’s common knowledge right now I’m just a lowly third-worlder who earns generally fuck all (I’m not sure I qualify as a wagecuck), has no real friends, and a socially inept nerd whose city may be the next target for Islamic terrorism. Though in the end I accepted my place in society and have this “oh well” attitude when things don’t go the way I wanted. Who would’ve thought a pompous, shitposting, and a braggadocios faceless personality on the internet like meself is someone who is unspectacular in real life.

Thank god I never once posted my picture online.


A few hours ago, I’ve received news from my uncle in the States inviting me, my father and my brother to visit him in America, and he’ll pay for everything. I’m not sure what my brother’s reaction was like, but my father was extremely happy because it was his dream to travel to America and raise a family there. Try to guess he succeeded or not.

When I heard of the news, I was like, “meh”, shrugged it off, and said to myself I’m not going even though the ride is free. America is a great place to visit with lots of stuff to gawk at, but I’m not too interested because of two reasons. Reason number one is America is not Japan, and reason number two is I will lose my job if I do go. My work place only allows me to have 14 days of vacation leave and I can’t use all of them in one go. I could ask my boss to extend my vacation time to, say, one month, but who am I to ask the boss?

I’m one of the lowest ranking employees and I’m also expendable/replaceable, so I fear that if I go to America for one month, the company will replace me for someone who is also capable of filling in my role. I’m just not confident risking my job for a month-long trip abroad. Maybe I can if I’m one of the higher ranking employees, but, let’s just say, it’s not currently within my capacity to get a high ranking promotion… Unless it’s through nepotism. Though that’s unlikely because, as I mentioned earlier, I have no real friends with connections.

And this leaves me to my dream to visit Japan one day. With all these roadblocks and the potential expenses needed for traveling abroad, it’s hard for me to find an opportunity to visit the Land of Anime and Ramen. If I’m allowed to use my 14 days vacation time and add in 4 more days (weekends) and take advantage of a 3 day holiday like Holy Week, maybe I can visit Japan within a 21-day time frame. Is 21 days an optimal time frame to enjoy Japan, though?

There will be opportunities, I’m sure, but as it is, I will never visit Japan until I retire 33 years from now, or find a new flexible job.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


What will I do if I do visit Japan? Try out their food, visit landmarks, and get immersed in their culture. Anime stuff comes dead last.

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