My thoughts on smartphones and the Samsung S7 edge

The first smartphone I handled was the first iPhone 3G. It looked cool, but like the iPod and the iPad, I hate how iOS treats you like you don’t own these devices. I have to plug in the device on my computer (it doesn’t charge), open iTunes just for the simple act of copying something. And the worst part was I can’t copy something back. The hate started there.

The next phone I handled was a Samsung S4 and it was thinner and while it has its own bloatware Samsung Kies, I can still do basic operations like copy and paste to and from the device. I liked the S4. But in the end I avoided smartphones and used this very old Nokia phone.

At first I saw no real use for smartphones, but after a shift in role at my work place and I was so tempted to play Photokatsu, I decided to get a modern phone… that is not an iPhone.

I was totally clueless on what to get so I just saved up and bought a Samsung J7 2016 since it’s the most popular budget phone around. It was a new experience for me and I slowly started to realize why people buy these things. I can browse the internet with it, I can play some games, play music, take pictures, do basic calls and texting and watch videos on the go, and since I’m always moving around this phone was the one I need.

That didn’t stop there however. I bought the J7 as a measuring stick for other phones. I did a lot of research like which are the most popular flagships of 2016 and take into consideration which brands are supported in my city. Out of the many brands out there, Samsung was my choice and their flagship the S7 edge was packed with features and futuristic looking that doesn’t look like an iPhone clone.

After 7 months of using the S7 edge, my experience was mixed. I love the phone though, but it’s too damn slippery, the ridges on the phone are not too comfortable to hold, call audio isn’t loud enough, phone refuses to register my inputs because my hand was all over the bezel-less screen, it gets really warm, and the battery life sucks. I got used to everything eventually, but it’s not the perfect phone.

What keeps me from hating the phone though is it doesn’t treat you like a criminal like iOS. I can plug my S7 edge to my computer and freely store, remove manage my files inside the phone and at the same time the phone charges, it’s water resistant, and the screen is awesome.

Overall I’d still recommend the S7 edge mainly for its freedom and it’s packed with features and a great camera. And it’s a good thing I got the S7 edge because I’ll be visiting Japan very soon and the S7 edge is the perfect travel buddy.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs


Yes, my S7 edge is the coral blue version. Or the Aoi version. <3

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  1. I have Discord, Unfortunately i’m on PC since i uninstall discord on Android.
    i will add my account discord later. Mine is Mito A10.

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