My most hated anime ever

I often said I hate X anime, but it’s just an exaggerated expression of “dislike.” Yeah, there are a lot of anime I disliked for many reasons like poor/incomplete story, slow pacing, awful characters, etc., and sometimes I dislike certain anime purely out of association, like that idol anime titled Prism-something.

But is there an anime series that I truly hate? As in, I loathe the anime with every fiber of my being? Anime so detestable that it changed my perspective of an anime genre? Well, there are 2 anime series that has this honor and I’m gonna share them to you.

Please do keep in mind I’m writing this out of memory. No way I’m re-watching these train wrecks. And major spoilers ahead.

School Days

There was a lot of hype around the anime adaptation and I can see why — The School Days VN, if I recall correctly, was fully animated with lots of sex scenes. Some speculated the adaptation will simply cut out some of the scenes from the VN since everything was already animated. I can’t say everything I heard about the adaptation is true, but I ended up watching School Days anime because I was an avid harem anime watcher back then.

The art and animation were sub par or I think were sub par because HD anime were rare and the video encoding technology was not as good as today. Anyway, from what I recall, School Days was a generic harem anime with a generic MC Makoto and I guess I was drawn in by the conflict of who Makoto will choose as his girlfriend. I forgot which girl I was rooting for, but I think I was rooting for Sekai since she’s a tsundere. Overtime though, I ended up liking the big breasted girl Kotonoha because of her innocence and all of the shit she went through.

Problem came around when Makoto keeps fucking up with his relationships with the two main girls. If I recall correctly, Makoto was leaning towards Kotonoha and despite that, he keeps fooling around with other girls. I was even shocked Makoto fucked a side character out of nowhere. What the fuck, man? You’re having trouble with your relationship with Kotonoha and you fucked another girl? I was ready to drop the anime, but I kept on watching because Kotonoha was mind broken with hints she’s turning yandere. I had to know what’s going to happen next.

Before the last episode aired, Japan delayed the episode by airing a Nice Boat video. I dunno why, but it added to the suspense of seeing the last episode. And boy, things had gone south really hard when the last episode finally aired. Sekai was apparently got pregnant (or I think she was) and Makoto, the asshole that he is, brushed off Sekai and kissed Kotonoha in front of her. Sekai visited Makoto’s place a few days later for reasons I forgot, and she murdered Makoto by stabbing him multiple times with a kitchen knife, while having flashbacks of her fond memories of him. Kotonoha visited Makoto a few moments later only to find a corpse on the floor.

Kotonoha called Sekai to meet her at school and there they talked about who Makoto loved the most. Sekai kept bringing up she’s carrying a baby and that’s proof Makoto loves her more. Kotonoha showed Sekai a duffel bag and it was then found out inside the bag was Makoto’s severed head, courtesy of Kotonoha. And in an instant, Kotonoha stabbed Sekai, killing her. That didn’t stop there, Kotonoha wanted to confirm Sekai is pregnant or not by slicing open the womb for any sign of the fetus.

After all that, Kotonoha took Makoto’s head and was drifting in the ocean on a yacht, just the two of them. I kinda laughed at this segment because I think the animators poked fun at the Nice Boat video that ended up becoming a meme on its own.

I hate this anime because everything was so wrong and it’s because of Makoto being an indecisive, insensitive and two-timing asshole. He had no redeeming quality and the girls all fell for him for some reason. School Days was one of the many reasons why I stopped or toned down watching harem anime. Unless there’s a renaissance of the genre, harem will continue to have MCs who are dumb and unlikable. And I don’t care they’re like that because kiss-less virgins wanted to self-insert using them as blank slates. Fuck them.

She, the Ultimate Weapon

My recollection of this anime is very, very muddy because I watched this in 2003. Yeah, 14 years ago. I watched this blind because I didn’t have internet back then and I relied on someone else to burn anime on VCDs. Yeah, VCDs. I just picked this up because there was nothing on the merchant’s catalogue and the idea of mecha musume was interesting.

The story centers around the typical high school boy named Shuuji and the meek girl Chise who cries a lot. After some time, the two ended up going out together. What Shuuji didn’t know is Chise is not human — she’s a cyborg of sort with enough firepower to destroy the planet. I think it was the United States who invaded Japan and the couple tried to escape the attacks and it was kinda funny Chise was dropping bombs and artillery shells from under her skirt. Shuuji survived the bombings because Chise destroyed the invaders. Now that’s the first problem I had with the anime, like, why the hell would the military use a frail teenage girl as the ultimate weapon? She’s emotionally frail and cries a lot.

Anyway, the point of the anime was to show how war is bad and show how people reacted, adapted, and the couple trying to run away from the war and everybody else. The story is kinda interesting like Shuuji and Chise moving to a new town, Shuuji finds a job, Chise is doing housework and all that. It’s sentimental, I guess.

Sadly, this anime reeked of death. The boyfriend of a girl died after he drafted in the military, so the girl was all depressed and crying. On the woods, she encountered a stranded American soldier and he begged the girl to run away. The girl pulled out a gun to seek revenge of the death of her boyfriend, but she and the soldier died as they shot each other. There’s this scene that was so over the top, I knew from there the anime is gonna go full genocide: Shuuji was happy with his new job and made friends with one of the mechanics of a small town. The two talked about the war and how it’s affecting everyone, and then suddenly a bomb literally dropped on top of the guy killing him. For some reason Shuuji survived when the bomb exploded a couple of feet beside him. Yes, war has reached the town and Chise was called to battle once again.

Death is everywhere and it comes in many forms. Shuuji is practically useless and all he can do is give Chise emotional support. I also hate the characters, especially Chise. SHE. FUCKING. CRIES. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Chise can practically turn the Sahara Desert the next Amazon Rain Forest with her tears.

So what kept me going? I wanted to know how are they gonna wrap this up. The last episode went full Evangelion with red skies, robotic appendages protruding around the clouds, tsunamis, death, death, death. What will happen? Is the world going to end? After the climatic battle, Shuuji woke up in a field of white ash. It was silent, cold, and he became the lone survivor of an apocalyptic war. I think Chise became a wisp or something because she was talking to Shuuji like she’s talking from the heavens, and the story ends with Shuuji reliving the peaceful days in his mind. Basically he’s in a world nothing but ash, is alone, is starving, and dying while creating an illusion in his head that nothing has happened.

The pay off was poor and the entire experience was depressing as fuck. Who started the war? Why has it escalated to apocalyptic levels? Shuuji, though useless, did try his best to make a better life with Chise. He’s hardworking, not a bad person, supportive and a good lover, so I hoped the ending would’ve given him something good for all the trouble. But no, all he got was death and losing sanity by living in an illusion.

I hate She, The Ultimate Weapon the most because of the conclusion I found underwhelming with a poor pay off. School Days is fucked up, but at least a form of justice was delivered on Makoto, the bullshit starter. I’ve seen a similar depressing anime set in a dystopian world where I saw my very first rape scene in anime, but at least that anime had a satisfying conclusion.

And these are the anime I truly hate. My recollections are muddy as I have said, so I may have misinterpreted some of the scenes, stories and dialogue, but in my experience, these are the only anime shows that left a bad taste in my mouth. Will I find worse anime? Maybe and I’m not looking forward in finding them out.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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