Alien Covenant is a stupid movie

Oh shit, guys! We found a habitable planet! Let’s go check it out by sending a team of highly-trained and experienced scientists to the surface! What’s that? Our immune system isn’t evolved to defend against alien germs that are obviously present on the planet and we may contract diseases and die? And we should send out the android to survey the planet first, just to be safe and avoid casualties? Fuck that! That’s too much effort! What’s that? No, I didn’t watch War of the Worlds.

Alien Covenant is the sequel to Prometheus and there’s one thing the sequel inherited: Stupid characters. The movie feels like your typical summer horror B-movie featuring a group of sexually-charged dumb teenagers getting hunted down by a serial killer in the woods. And actually, AC is far worse because compared to dumb stoned kids who don’t know better, the characters in AC are experts in biology, geology, genetics and are trained for terraforming planets. These people should know about the consequences of entering an alien world without protection. I stopped taking this movie series merely a few minutes in. MERELY MINUTES IN TO THE MOVIE.

They found a planet with breathable air, what did they do? Explore the area without pressurized suits to protect themselves from alien germs. A scientist found some weird plants, what did he do? He touched it and breathed in the spores. A guy CLEARLY figured out the android is the bad guy and he knows the android SYMPATHIZES with the ALIENS, and the guy knows fucking ALIENS are running around trying to eat them and yet he STUPIDLY LISTENED TO THE ANDROID to lean his head towards an ALIEN EGG WITH A FACEHUGGER INSIDE. Gee, I wonder what will happen next?

It would’ve been acceptable if one of the scientists slipped and cracked his helmet or a sharp object has ripped his suit and the alien spores got inside from there. But nope, the movie just went with the easy route.

It was tough to appreciate the movie. I liked the story and I may forgive the horror movie ending with the bad guy still alive ending cliche, but the stupidity of the characters soured my experience. But I should know better because back at Prometheus, it was clear as day David dipped his finger on the drink with alien material, and the victim didn’t saw it.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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