Aikatsu Stars! Episode 70 Review: Jungle-katsu!

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Episode 69 was underwhelming and yeah, there were some good parts, but the mood wasn’t right for the much hyped crossover between OG Aikatsu! and Aikatsu Stars! episode to excite the fans a crossover happened and it failed to deliver expectations. Thankfully episode 70 delivered and I got what I wanted.

…especially Aoi.

After an exhausting, yet successful Aikatsu! Island event, Yume, Rola and Koharu are spending the day for some R&R and kayaking. Out of nowhere, the three girls were enveloped by fog and got stranded on an unknown island. As the girls explored the island, they encountered two groups of girls competing and the three ended up helping them.

Do you know what episode 69 lacked? Being interesting, funny and enjoyable. Episode 70 had to skip the opening theme so they can make use of the 1:35 minutes for extra screen time and compared to the previous episode, none was wasted on this episode. It was fun seeing the three constantly getting wowed at the veteran idols do their thing, like they were looking at S4. Aoi quickly identifying the new girls are idols, Ichigo showing off her physical strength and Ran always reacting with her “heh” remarks.

The episode didn’t go full parody with constant spouting of catchphrases and constant references, but it’s there. The most notable is the conversation between Ran and Koharu and how the anime subtly referenced both Ran and Yozora share the same VA. Koharu took a whiff of Ran’s scent and then commented Ran smelled like the senpai she admires.

There’s a side plot somewhere and while it’s not bad or intrusive, it’s just there to set up Ichigo and Yume to climb a cliff and Ichigo passing idol knowledge to the still improving Yume. And if I wanna gripe at something, it’s the episode didn’t really focus on the OG characters. The focus is still on the three Stars idol interacting with the OG cast, but thankfully, the OG cast got enough time to express themselves and to show us, the fans, that they’re the same quirky idols we know and love.


Though we didn’t get everything we want like more jokes and references, episode 70 is still a solid episode that is enjoyable to watch. When compared, episode 69 was truly a wasted opportunity, or rather, a wasted potential. Luminas got the short end of the stick.

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