The day when my motherboard died

A couple of weeks ago, my power was cut off after a tree fell and hit several houses. It took the power company at least 24 hours to restore power, but sadly my computer refused to turn on. I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong so I sent it to the repair guys. The problem was the motherboard got fried beyond repair.

It was troublesome to find a replacement because the motherboard I was using is already phased out, and I couldn’t afford to buy a modern processor and RAM replacements. Thankfully one of the stores still sell the LGA 1155 motherboards and my PC is running again. The new motherboard will probably last me for another 6-8 years, but I fear my i5 2500k will be the next to die and it’ll come very soon.

I’m not the type of person who constantly replaces parts since I’m not financially capable and every piece of item I own has some sentimental value, especially the PC I used for my daily activities and fansubbing. In case you didn’t know, the core parts of my PC were donated to me back in the 2010s. I argued that it’s slow to rely on someone else to do the encoding, try out certain settings, wait for the guy to go online to upload the stuff, etc.. Lastly no one stays with a group indefinitely. Getting a capable PC and personally do all the legwork was the most viable option in the long run. And it is. All of the encoding, timing, typesetting were all done by the same computer donated to me in 2010.

And this actually reminded me of a silly scenario when I was in the process of buying the motherboard and other parts in the last days of 2010.

RIP Mobo-kun ;_;7

The donation money I received was just enough to buy me the CPU and GPU, so I had to buy the rest for myself. I asked my old man for a motherboard and RAM sticks for my birthday, but since we couldn’t afford any luxury items, he gave me a handful of gift checks for a local mall. He told me I can use these to any store within in the mall, so I went to the mall a few kilometers away and to my disappointment, the gift checks were only usable in the groceries department. I didn’t want to go home empty-handed so I spent the entire day convincing people at the groceries to buy the gift checks (200php gift check for 150php). And it worked, thank god.

I got my new motherboard and RAM sticks and the PC went operational with no problems. It’s been with me for at least 7-8 years and helped me a lot with the fansubbing. The motherboard, that inanimate object I took great lengths to get, carried me all these years and I was sad it died on me.


— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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