Me and the future

Back when the internet was still young, I watch anime through VHS rentals, and random anime that pops up on TV and some shows on cable TV with no subtitles. And that reminds me of an anime that was well-animated and it was the first anime I saw boobs. There were two scenes from that anime I found memorable: One is the snobby rich bitch taking a dip naked in her big pool and thought of that redhead classmate she couldn’t beat in combat. The second is some guy in a futuristic vehicle doing a mecha transformation to fight the redhead. The resulting robot was powerful-looking, but the redhead was perplexed as to why the robot was just standing still. It turns out the pilot was stuck inside because the transformation made his cockpit hard to maneuver in. Redhead kicked the robot’s leg, it fell and exploded. Decades later I found out that anime I saw was Project A-Ko.


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