A tangible Christmas

Merry Christmas!

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I’m no longer excited for Christmas. I wholeheartedly celebrate it and greet any one with genuine feelings put into it, but for me it’s just another day of big spending and extremely loud neighbors. As an individual who is already in their 30s, I’ve seen a lot of Christmases that it feels like it’s just an endless repetition of big spending and gouging on food. Which is still great and I love buying things I want with my 13th month pay and free food doesn’t hurt either.

As a kid though, I’m one of those unfortunate who are born within the week of Christmas day–either you get two presents or just one. At first, the materialistic kid within me thought it sucked, but eventually I got to understand that my parents aren’t rich and they were already struggling trying to pay off our tuition at school and college. I even experienced that position when the birthday of my one and only niece is on December and I opted to save her gift for Christmas instead.


You could say I want to own something tangible as evidence that I can afford something, or at least I experienced Christmas in some form. Last year I bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (Aoi blue) to represent my capability of buying such an expensive device. I was capable but at the cost of not eating properly for the next few months, used a couple of loans and paying up other burdens. Was it worth it despite all of that? Yes. The capabilities of the phone and its uses outweighed everything. I get to play Photokatsu. :V

What did I buy this Christmas? Just a leather wallet that was on a sale at 50% off. And a rather pricey Frozen-themed scooter with LED lighting for my niece. Were these worth it? The scooter was very worth it and I loved seeing my niece yelping for joy as she saw the box after hastily tearing off the Christmas wrapper. Lots of hugs and kisses too. The wallet was okay, but I was hoping to get a smart watch to pair it with my smartphone. But eh, whatever. Maybe I’ll get one next year.


With all that said though, I’m blessed by a lot of good people this year. We got a few donations to jump start the group in 2018, we got patrons who helped, friends sent me stuff like some high quality computer parts (cables, key caps, SSD, sound card, etc.), and a DVD drive. And this arrived last week.

If anything, Christmas 2017 is perhaps my best Christmas in almost two decades. The best of all though is my Discord server has grown and filled with a lot of people who shares a common interest—Aikatsu!. I’ve truly found a new place where I belong.

It was a cheesy way of ending this topic, I know.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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