Optimism for 2018

Happy New Year, everyone.

2018 is finally here, but instead of moping around at the worst scenarios that’s going to happen to me and Lazy Lily Fansubs, I’m going to be a bit more positive and optimistic. I already have plans for the following months, and while I haven’t shared these with the group at Lazy Lily Fansubs, I thought I’ll keep to myself until I already set them in motion.

My plans in 2018 include a more streamlined budgeting of available funds, avoid impulse buying of doujinshi, improve relations with other translation groups, and improving group reputation. For the last one, I’m thinking of doing more non-Aikatsu!-related doujinshi and pick up a new manga series after we’re done with Sakura Trick. The wider our reach, the more people will notice and more people will potentially support us, especially our unstable funding.

These are a few scenarios I want to happen in 2018, but I’m no weatherman–I cannot possibly predict the weather. All I can do is be prepared and anticipate any upcoming storm.

Come at me, 2018.

— SHiN @ Lazy Lily Fansubs

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