Aikatsu Stars! Episode 22 Review: How to not self-produce 101


When I was young, around the time MTV actually meant “Music Television”, I was rather picky when it comes to artists I follow, and with one exception, I never followed the local artists. The reason for that is they’re only popular because of their looks and some okay-ish singing skills.

There was a popular teen actress promoting her new debut album on TV. While it was nice she’s making a CD single for her fans to enjoy, what she said really turned me off. She said “the CD contains revivals of popular songs” and that killed my interest of ever checking her CD out. “Where is your original song? It’s your debut single, surely you have something original to sing.” I said to myself.

It’s not even an isolated case, 90% of these singers always say their CDs are a collection of revivals. This lack of originality and lack of passion to sing made me hate my local artists and throughout my childhood, the only local artists I cared for was the Eraserheads. Oh yeah, Boyzone is my most-hated boy band in the 90s.

And yes, this is relevant in my review of episode 22.

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