Random rant about something


Aikatsu Friends Beat Punk

Let me treat this blog as a blog for once, so I’ll rant something that’s been bugging me for a while (even though I already know the answer to this).

It’s been more than a year since we started scanlating Aikatsu! doujinshi and I’m actually surprised how much we improved, like I became the group’s typesetter mainly because we’re understaffed and got more helping hands. I’ve improved after I did typesetting for a few doujinshi (I TS’d 80% of the doujins), and aside from that, my Japanese reading skills slightly improved. I can recognize a few kanji so there were times I can read sentences without looking up the kanji’s definition. I’m still far from perfect and I still need a checker to, well, check my translations.

Anyway, yeah, I’m a fansubber and I started around in 2007 but I only recently started scanlation.

Now for the actual rant.

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